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Discover Your Potential

Opportunity to Save Time and Money

Each day knowledge workers waste huge amounts of time doing things they should not be doing. What is unfortunate is that most people do not realize this. Waste impacts everybody. It is important to understand how waste impacts productivity. One way is to discover your true potential.

GEM Analytics has spent decades measuring knowledge worker performance. Once you can model what people do, you can see how activity affects value creation. The more we know about who we are and what we do, the easier it is to become more productive. The point is to focus on things you "need" to do each day.

Get your work done so you have more time to do what you "want" to do!

First step in reducing waste is understand what waste costs. Once you realize the cost and know what waste does to the time you have, you can start to change behaviors. Enhancing awareness can be game changing. Most people are so busy doing things, they do not think about the impact of "what they are doing". Over time we develop bad habits. We do not think about what we do each day. Then one day you discover you have little time for yourself or for anybody else.

This is why you need to discover your potential. When you compare what you are doing to what you could be doing, you can measure the difference. GEM does this by taking a snapshot of your current situation. Then we calculate what is optimum (based on decades of work modeling hundreds of thousands of knowledge workers). We analyze the past to determine what you are doing today. Then we use our predictive models to determine what you will most likely do in the future. This is how we help you to determine what is possible. Then we can help you to realize your potential.

Opportunity to improve knowledge worker productivity is huge!