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GEM Vision is our user interface that runs on both WEB and Mobile Application Platforms. It uses state of the art responsive WEB and Mobile Application frameworks.

Real-time Data

Users visualize real-time data in their WEB browsers and on all of their mobile devices using the same single page application.


View data using best of breed components (e.g. AngularJS, Meteor, Ionic, Node.js, and Websockets) and RESTful microservices.

Web Client

User Interface is rendered in WEB Clients/Views, not on the WEB Server (i.e. minimum templating and page generation on most content).

Global Investments Platform is built on a state of the art architecture realized by best of breed components. The architecture was created from first principles to provide high availability (i.e. five nines), scalability (both scale up and scale out), historical and real-time data analytics, and a modern, responsive user interface. It is a pure HTML5 Application with fully Asynchronous Updates and extremely low latency. View layout and data is obtained via RESTful services and Asynchronous Notifications. The preferred data transport format is JSON. By implementing GEM Vision as a single page application utilizing RESTful data services, a minimum of information must be passed between the views and the services. This greatly increases responsiveness and cleanly separates Views from Models and Data. Services and components include:

  • • All information exchanged between Clients and Services is transported over HTTPS/TLS.
  • • WEB Tier - back-end components used by GEM Vision and 3rd Party Integrations
  • • WEB Portal - entry point and content supplier for GEM Vision
  • • WEB Application Services - services required by the WEB Portal
  • • Chat Service - back-end services supporting advanced WEB Chat
  • • REST Services - micro-services supplying data to GEM Vision and 3rd Party Integrations
  • • Message Bus - enables the creation of loosely-coupled distributed systems
  • • Real Time Tier - processes and analyzes Real Time Feeds
  • • Real Time Data Service - ingests Real Time Feeds and produces Real Time Events
  • • Stream Processing - processes Event Streams
  • • Intelligence Tier - generates Actionable Intelligence
  • • Analytics - generates both predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • • Machine Learning - advanced pattern recognition
  • • Modeling Engine - performs GeoEconoMetric Modeling
  • • Database Tier - repository for transformed data, metadata, and models
  • • StoneDB - advanced modeling and support for information inventory auditing
  • • NoSQL - general category of databases required for some applications and integrations
  • • SQL - general category of databases required for some applications and integrations
  • • Raw Data Tier - stores, transforms, and archives raw, unadulterated data
  • • Data Lake - stores and archives raw, unadulterated data
  • • Data Sync Service - ingests and synchronizes data in data lake with original data sources
  • • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Service - Extracts data from Data Lake, Transforms it and loads into Databases
  • • Security Services - system wide Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
The architecture supports both Multi-Tenant and Virtual Private Cloud offerings.