Advanced AI Discovery Program

Discovery Change creates opportunity to evaluate the current state of business. Shifting to world with AI is difficult to imagine. For years, AI has been glorified in futuristics movies with robots, factory automation, fancy machines and advanced systems and communications. The reality is that businesses everywhere will have to adjust to new ways of working with advancing technologies. An organization’s ability to migrate data and information technology into the future is difficult to comprehend. Who has a good understanding about what this should look like?

Analyzing the past to glimpse into the future is possible, but few organizations know what this should look like in a world with AI. The challenge is that every business needs a place to start discovery work. Unfortunately, baseline data and information needed to benchmark worker performance, measure the effectiveness of AI applications, and evaluate the state of operations is missing.

Years of Experience

We discovered this problem in the early 90s benchmarking organizational structures, decision making and product development cycles of world-class corporations. It wasn’t until we pioneered the Digital Asset Management Market that we discovered need to build a new world of metrics to effectively measure business operating performance. Since this time, we have been back-testing huge datasets to create a new class of performance metrics. Essentially, we began to prepare for a world with AI over 20 years ago. Today, we have metrics to benchmark any corporation anywhere in the world from the ground floor at a scale that executives and managers have never seen before. The benefit to you is opportunity to leverage these capabilities today.

Rethinking Work

Bringing AI into your world requires a complete rethinking of how you do business. In many cases, this creates need to change organizational structures and culture to take advantage of new forms of data and information. To start, Living Smart with Heart is required reading to grasp advanced concepts, models, and data you will need to guide transformation. Discovery work creates opportunity to see things from a different perspective. What you will experience is eye-opening insight you can use to guide step-change work that you can trust – since we have been using our performance metrics and methodologies for decades.

What to Expect

Discovery begins with the development of a corporate DNA (cDNA) model of your business. Depending on the scale and breadth of an organization, this model is based on hundreds of thousands of metrics and algorithms you will use to power AI applications. Every business is has it own unique concentration of workers who engage in specific kinds of work. Custom cDNA models are developed using our AI Engine to build a foundation of performance metrics you will use to guide transformation. You will find great details on these models in Living Smart with Heart. This work was developed for you, please use it to your advantage.

Discovery Engagement

To get started, we scope out discovery from beginning to end. This is an “inclusive” process that is designed to be engaging and informative for every person in an organization.

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