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Living Smart with Heart - Overview

Living Smart with Heart - Vital Insight to Support AI Development

The development of artificial intelligence involves gathering, integrating, and analyzing vast data sets and building frameworks and models of unique metrics that are processed with advanced algorithms to produce predictive AI systems and applications. These include machine learning, deep learning, and artificial neural networks designed to improve how people live and work.

AI helps businesses to boost efficiency and operational effectiveness by processing massively large data sets to create insight to improve decision making. Opportunity to reduce operational costs and maximize use of resources goes into overdrive when you use AI to turn unstructured data and information into business intelligence. The secret to building powerful AI business applications is how historical business data models are developed. To capture the operational essence of a business, baseline data designed to model information-based activities of a workforce is essential. When integrated with operational data, AI can output valuable data and information to improve planning and development to enhance sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.

AI development is a complex process that often requires a change in organizational culture. To facilitate step-change, organizations should develop a strategy for AI transformation. This includes setting clearly defined goals and an effective strategy for executing action plans based on a well-throughout roadmap designed to achieve realistic objectives. To maximize AI development, teams of specialists must be trained and held responsible for managing solution deployment.

Job Seekers
AI will have a massive impact on the job market. Living Smart with Heart provides vital “need to know” information on AI to get you started in this exciting market. Expect AI job growth to expand exponentially. To compete and get the best jobs, pay, and benefits, learn what you need to know to win with AI.

AI Data Sets
Gain access to valuable source data needed to build advanced AI models and frameworks businesses require to optimize performance. The secret to AI is knowing how to integrate and process disparate forms of data to power applications and improve decision-making. Living Smart with Heart will give you vital data and know-how to leverage AI.

AI Mastery
Learn how to build an AI engine and why historic data models are vital to business. Know why baseline metrics are needed to model corporate DNA. Learn how intelligence is processed and how to maximize the use of ChatGDP, Bard, Alexa, Siri, and other AI tools to improve productivity while minimizing costs.

Growth Opportunities
AI will create trillions $ in new opportunities. Worldwide spending on AI will grow exponentially creating mass transformation. Learn how industries and markets will change. Know how worker activities will change and what to expect. Get predictive insight to make good decisions and focus investments.

Course Curriculum
Get a jump on an exciting career in AI. Living Smart with Heart will become required reading in High Schools, Colleges, and Universities throughout the world. AI is the future today. Students need vital information about how AI works, why it is so important, what to learn, and where to focus.

Human Element
Your heart and intuition impact how you think, feel and act. AI can support how you reason and speed up how you get things done. The point is to do what you need to do each day more efficiently. Use AI to supercharge personal abilities while helping you to improve your quality of life in a world that is changing and becoming more competitive.

Use Cases & Applications
Get firsthand insight into a wide range of AI applications. Learn what is important and how certain AI techniques will transform how people live and work. Learn how to use AI in Sales, Research & Marketing, Product Development, Human Resources, Accounting, Strategic Planning & Competitive Analysis.

It is time to leap into the future with AI. Living Smart with Heart will help direct you and provide you with unique insight, tools, and logic to guide your efforts. While AI is complex and may seem to be scary and intimidating, you can benefit by learning how to reduce “busy work” so you can focus on what is important. Automating mundane tasks to free up crazy schedules will help you create more time for yourself. Living Smart will help you do things that you need to do better in less time with less effort and money.