Solution ROI

Use AI to Track Solution Impact Potential & ROI

Know how AI applications actually improve how people work.

Application Impact

How will AI meet your needs? What will you be able to do? How will your work life change? For decades, we have been building data models to track performance of thousands of applications to determine solution impact potential and ROI. Now You can use AI to automatically track current work performance in a way that really matters. Improving daily decision-making across an enterprise can be game changing. AI provide a constant and immediate supply of performance data based on how an organization actually creates value.

AI Edge

AI is unique programming. You can leverage AI to create an edge. What you need to know is constantly changing. AI can help you keep up with what you need to do. Use AI to empower your work.


Corporations need to adopt AI to evolve operations. The challenge is that no two companies are the same. AI is custom programming. CorporateDNA can enhance business and worker data to power AI that you can really use. Corporations have been burned many times from failed solution deployments. AI will help you deploy solutions that you really need. This is why application modeling is important. AI can make complex activity-based calculations in realtime to track potential and ROI.


Data must integrate and flow efficiently to support how people actually need to work. AI can integrate relevant data instantly to drive workflow. AI can help you get the right information to the right people when it is needed.