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Maximize Business Operating Potential by Optimizing Capabilities & Practices to Improve Performance

Knowing Your Potential

Lessons in Optimizing Personal Effectiveness

Change happens in an instant. Innovation can be breaktaking. Advancements over the next few years will surpass those of the past thirty. New innovation will foster growth creating a new period of expansion. Growth is good when it creates opportunities. The challenge is how to manage shifting points of interest. Getting people on the same page is not easy. Interests and actions must align. Ability to gain consensus quickly impacts the speed that things get done.

Change throws geoeconometric activities out of balance. Patterns of behavior change, sometimes significantly. Economic activities also shift when ecosystems go out of balance. Change creates disruptions. Disruptions tend to create new sources of problems. Change can also create amazing opportunities. You need to model and measure disruption to manage change. This is a reality of modern day economic activity. This is why we track it.

How do geoeconometric shifts impact your business? What changes? What do you need to change? You should know. Performance is collective. Value creation is something we do. It is what we measure. How you measure value depends on your perspective and what you need and want to know. We develop geoeconometric models to support decision making. We use these models to measure value creation and to track economic activity. Insight gained from geoeconometric data models can help you pinpoint new areas of opportunity.

The challenge today is information itself. It is overwhelming. There is too much of it. We spend much of our days trying to keep up with it. The problem is that we are losing. The majority of people who work with information each day are losing quality of life. We spend so much time buried in information that we lose sight of its value. In the process, we lose sight of ourselves. So much so that we lose sight of what is really important. When information gets in the way of ability to get work done, value creation declines. This is happening today everywhere.

The question is what are you going to do about it? If you want to maximize your potential, you need to focus on doing the right things. Information management becomes a part of what you need to do each day. This is why you need geoeconometric data models. You need these models to measure value of what you do. We use geoeconometrics to measure workforce effectiveness? Productivity is a function of how we get things done. It is also a function of how work needs align to support value creation.

Value creation is personal and complex. Effectiveness KPIs are significant. They represent core measures we use to optimize what we do each day. They are important to business and a key part of any optimization practice. Your challenge is how to measure your own personal effectiveness. What you do each day varies. Productivity ebbs and flows based on what you are doing. Collectively, what we do together adds up. We add up collective productivity to determine how we perform. Operational performance is influenced by the way we align collectively to support the things we need to do. The challenge is how to stay ahead of the curve. Each day we witness breakdowns in what we really need to do. Which puts us back in the middle of a never ending cycle of need to manage what we do.

Information is a huge problem. Think about what happens when you cannot find what you need. Insight you need each day is buried in systems, applications and documents. This is the heart of the challenge we face. Exponential growth of information is a reality of our times. We need information to do our work. We use it to communicate. We watch what we produce and share it on our mobile devices. At some point we get lost in it. We text too much. This is a huge problem that is getting worse.

Each day the problem compounds into a never ending spiral of too much information. The question is how to change this pattern of behavior. We must. To change our behavior we must balance old ways of doing things with new opportunities? There is balance. Balance varies for each of us. What is important is to learn how to manage information to support the way we need to work. The objective is to get work done in the shortest amount of time possible. This way we free ourselves up to realize our full potential. This is the only way to break the cycle.

What you do each day influences the value you create and experience.