• Artificial Intelligence Source Data to Power Operations!
    AI Engine & cDNA Framework
    Use GeoEconoMetrics to Optimize Learning & Drive Transformation
  • Advanced Data Analytics:
    • Use cDNA to Lower Operating Costs
    • Strengthen Worker Engagement & Heighten Productivity
    • Focus Activity to Grow Business Profits
    • Improve Cybersecurity Measures to Reduce Risk
  • AI & Talent Management
    What You Do Each Day Matters
    AI Impacts Job Requirements & What You Need to Know
  • Power of Predictive Insight & Vital Data
    Enhahnced Value Creation
    Use AI to Improve Decision Making to Grow Value Creation & Profits

Are You Ready for AI?

AI - The Transition of Operations

Artificial Intelligence is much more than a new capability, it is the means to become more effective at what you do each day. AI can augment human activity by helping people do things in a better way. AI can process huge amounts of information instantaneously. Today, AI can create and process data an average human can’t comprehend to achieve. It is not possible to replace the loss created by the Covid pandemic, but it is possible to speed up change by helping businesses and governments to become more efficient. The impact AI will have on salvaging and improving use of resources will be staggering. AI represents one of the most important capabilities available to mankind today.

To grasp the impact that AI will have on the world economy, AI will contribute $7.6 trillion to worldwide GDP by 2030. AI value in North America should amount to $2.8 trillion, to $2.1 trillion in Europe, to $1.6 trillion in the Pacific Rim, to $213 billion in South America, to $238 billion in the Middle East & Africa, and to $698 billion in the rest of the world. At the same time, expect waste due to cybercrimes, fraud, and abuse to grow to $1.2 trillion by 2030.

Living Smart with Heart
Massively Large Data Sets

Massively Large Data Sets

You need to know a great deal about data and information to create AI applications.

As ChatGPT and other applications grow in popularity need to use large language models to process huge quantities of unstructured data will grow. Global Investments specializes in building and integrating vast quantities of source data into massive datasets to power AI applications. Our AI Engine and advanced AI algorithms with Natural Language Understanding integrate large data models that span worldwide markets by countries, industries, corporations, knowledge workers and activities to produce real-time predictive data and insight to shift decision making into high gear. To use these resources, you need to evaluate quality of historic data and processing capabilities to know where to focus AI development to improve operations.

Are your current data resources adequate?
Can you measure real-time value creation?
Do you have metrics to optimize resources?

Risk & CyberDefense

Global Investments helps business know:

• How to use AI to improve CyberSecurity?
• AI architecture to minimize operational risk?
• Performance metrics to improve defenses?
• Why baseline cDNA data is needed for AI?

cDNA Ontology & Taxonomy Map & Core Business Metadata Model

Know Where & How to Benefit From AI

AI Business Solution Workflow

Predictive Intelligence

Global Investments determines how best to use AI technologies to improve operational performance to grow profits and lower costs.

Knowing where to focus efforts is critical. Get "upfront" insight to know what to expect, what you can acheive, and what to spend. Use this insight to rally workers and focus efforts and resources to get great results.

Tracking & Improving

The secret is to create greater value in less time. Monitor worker activities to gage daily performance and to know what to change to improve workforce productivity. Get vital insight to solve problems quickly and efficiently by tracking real-time results to guide investments and improve decision making.

Business Optimization Process

Optimize Your Business with AI

Unlock hidden potential in your business data.

Know what you need to know about your data.
Improve the way you use your information.
Get the insight you need to optimize operations.

Workers Profiled
Corporations Modeled
Solution Calculators
AI Algorithms

What We Can Do For You . .

Decision Framework for AI

Over three decades, we have created enormous value for world-class organizations that wanted to optimize resources. The big concern for business today is AI. Change creates all kinds of problems for businesses that need to adapt to new ways of thinking and working. Keeping current on the latest technologies is not easy. As industry and market segments shift so do support systems. The Covid pandemic created a radical shift in the way people live and work. Operating procedures with work-at-home schedules and a shrinking workforce are now an everyday reality. Attracting qualified talent and managing for inflation and a higher cost of living is challenging. To compete, businesses must produce novel goods and services that people need and want to buy.

While "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) may be a mystery to many, executives are learning quickly that AI is vital for business. Any corporation that wants to remain competitive must adopt AI to process vast amounts of data.

Misinformation & Bias

Misinformation and bias is everywhere. The impact this is having around the globe is scary. The Internet is an amazing place, but also a huge source of fake information. You cannot believe everything you see and hear. So what do you believe? Accurate data and information must come from reliable sources that fact-check and verify. This is where AI can have a huge impact. If you do not know the data and information you use, you have a big problem. AI is as good as the data and information that algorithms process. You need reliable GeoEconoMetric data and cDNA metrics to evaluate industries, size markets, and develop strategies to drive operations. AI powered with historic baseline data models developed from corporate DNA is vital for many AI applications. This is where we can help! We have been back-testing GeoEconoMetric data since 1991. The value that this kind of data can have to AI projects is amazing. We know our data, how it was developed and how it is used to power AI applications. Ask us, we will show you.

Cascading Data Models

Why are cascading data models so important? Think of data and information development as a complex workflow processes. One source of data gets processed into another, and then another to eventually create information you need. Cascading data models are designed and integrated to create relevant insight businesses need to operate efficiently. Imagine how data from a phone call is part of data created from all phone call in the world and you begin to understand the complexity of data models. You need good information that can be back-tracked from source data in order to trust data and information that you need to process. Cascading data models allow you to process disparate data from many sources efficiently to produce data to support needs. AI creates opportunity to process data extracted from cascading data models very efficiently. You benefit by knowing that you are getting real-time data you can trust to power AI applications that you can really use.

Historic Data Normalization

The data and information technology business is brutal. You must be agile and innovative, plus have years of experience and know-how to develop the kind of information people need to day. Experience pioneering the Digital Asset Management market around the world gave us vast resources and information to develop advanced data analytics that people need today to build AI applications. What you get is vast sources of normalized data developed and back-tested over decades from source information, i.e., we built data models from source data collected from millions of people like you. You could spend millions of dollars and never come close to what we developed over three decades. The AI market did not appear overnight. AI has taken decades to evolve to where it is today. Yet, AI is still in its infancy. Working with us, you can grow your solutions from source information. What you can then produce is data and information that you have never seen before. Imagine what you can do with the vast sources of activity, worker, corporate, industry and market data we have developed since 1991. The applications and opportunities are endless . .