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Justifying Need to Evolve Systems and Leverage Mobile Applications

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Business Case for Mobile Applications

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Business Intelligence

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Customer Due Dilligence Thu, 09 May 2013 17:35:01 +0000 Continue Reading →]]> How well do bankers really “know” customers?  Decision to lend and strength of loan portfolios draw heavily on input from the rating agencies – Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investor Services, Fitch Ratings, Experian, TransUnion or Equifax.  Unfortunately, rating agencies do little to quantify threats and weaknesses that impact many businesses today.  To truly understand business challenges requires deep understanding of performance metrics that are unique to every business.  We help banks anticipate needs and improve relationships.  We use predictive models to measure business “effectiveness” and rate performance and level of risk.  Ability to anticipate customer needs and sources of risk creates opportunity to develop solutions (new sources of profit) and improve business relationships.

To truly “know” business, it is vital to assess:


Operating in a 7 X 24 global economy is challenging.  Impact changing markets and advancing technologies have on business varies significantly.  Advancements affect operational performance and competitiveness, and impact level of risk and exposure.


Over the next decade, millions of baby-boomers will exit the workforce.  Positioning business to meet future demands requires years of effort and careful planning.  Many businesses are unaware, uniformed and unprepared to transition operations.


Fluctuations in global economic activity and shifting wealth creation impact business.  When one market declines, another grows creating new opportunities – level of resourcefulness, agility, attentiveness, complexity, dependencies, etc. influences abilities.


As business shifts into the cloud, need to evolve workforce skills will accelerate.  Training and ability to create a new class of workers will heighten need measure workforce effectiveness and impact new capabilities have on worker performance and cost.


Projects succeed and fail – innovation happens, there is no exact science.  To some degree, success is a function of alignment and ability to make good decisions.  Knowing when, where and how to direct efforts and resources helps to improve outcomes.


Our objective is to help organizations evolve practices and capabilities.  We deliver solutions and services to transition business and enhance operational effectiveness.  Strategic insight about hidden costs and source of inefficiencies heighten awareness of need to change.  We helps banks respond quickly to customer needs and delivers strategy and roadmaps to grow new sources of revenue.

Snapshot Reports

We deliver a business framework and predictive models based historic data (revenue, costs, profits and employees) by line of business, region and period (2008 to 2015) to rate operational “effectiveness” and potential to optimize and increase profits.

Diagnostic Assessment

We perform a diagnostic assessment (like a Health “Check-Up”) to identify abnormalities, bottlenecks and redundancies to pinpoint source of disconnects that impact performance and provide the strategy and roadmaps needed to guide transformation.

Action Plan & Schedule

Insight (derived from above) is used to develop successive action plans (based on 30-45 day work efforts) to support step change.  The objective is to evolve / track business to meet new opportunities while keeping effort focused on doing the right things.


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Positioning & Presence Thu, 09 May 2013 17:25:04 +0000 Continue Reading →]]> Change increases need to evolve business and adopt new solutions.  The challenge is in prioritizing needs, defining requirements and measuring how new capabilities impact operational performance.  Solution provider ability to “show-up” effectively to perspective buyers varies considerably.  Businesses need to understand how solution capabilities enhance business practices and impact the bottom-line.  Knowing how a particular solution fits into the “big picture” creates opportunity to become a “solution of choice”.  We help solution provider’s position offerings and provide businesses with insight needed to rationalize choice.


Solution capabilities impact the way we live and work.  The difficulty is in “knowing” how specific capabilities impact abilities and determining how a particular solution fits into the big picture.  Businesses evolve one step at a time by transitioning practices and capabilities to meet changing demands.  Knowing where to focus efforts and resources makes a big difference in terms of cost and returns.  The objective is to achieve the best outcomes.  This is possible when you know where to start, what to do next and how to line up successive efforts to create the best results.  There is a natural order and logic to managing change, but the path each business must takes is different.  We help organizations focus on solving the right problems and finding the best solutions.

Value Proposition

We provide businesses with a framework and predictive models used to assess costs, productivity and ability to meet needs – better, cheaper, faster.  Our objective is to identify the root cause of problems and counterproductive practices to define the best course of action.  There are many choices businesses can make, to create the best outcomes it is vital to understand the big picture to determine how effort and prioritizes shape results.  Our business framework combined with predictive models creates opportunity to analyze outcomes prior to any engagements.  Decision making is enhanced by knowing how specific capabilities impact knowledge worker performance.  The point is to anticipate results and to know what change means in terms of costs and cycle time savings.

The "Big" Picture

We have a long history of tracking implications of advancing technologies and effects of best practices. If you have a unique solution capability or application, we want to know about you. We help solution providers reduce sales cycle times and improve positioning to meet the needs businesses (large and small). To increase sales and quantify how your capabilities impact performance of “any” business, please contact us.

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Performance Optimization Thu, 09 May 2013 17:20:50 +0000 Continue Reading →]]> Our world is changing. Need to evolve and transition businesses to meet new demands are great. Insight required to transform business is rooted in understanding quality and effectiveness of practices, capabilities and ability to seize new opportunities. The more we know about who we are, what we do and what we need the better positioned we are to meet changing demands.

Over the next decade, millions of baby-boomers will exit the workforce creating enormous strain to re-invent thousands of businesses. Positioning a business to meet demands of future markets takes years of planning and effort. To maximize the value of any business effort must focus on doing the right things and making the best decisions. Today, the market favors sellers, but by 2018 the market will flip in favor of buyers. Businesses who prepare to maximize value creation will be best positioned to meet challenges ahead.

Problem to Solve

Ability to re-invent business is a daunting task, which is why “willingness” to try is often ignored. Today, an unprecedented number of executives are unaware, uniformed and unprepared to evolve their businesses. Many executives focus on growing business, not on taking the necessary steps to transition practices, capabilities and workforce skills to meet new demands. The challenge is in knowing where to start, how to focus resources and in knowing what it takes to manage successive levels of effort. Successful transformation relates to how ownership and management of systems, processes, structures and plans are executed, supported and documented


Business optimization and opportunity to enhance value creation is contingent on maintaining a health bottom-line. Ability to make the best decisions is dependent on the quality of insight and intelligence needed to guide and manage business transformation. We deliver ongoing insight needed to evolve practices, capabilities and workforce effectiveness. Our solution creates opportunity to seize new business and increase profits by increasing comprehension of challenges that impact operational performance. We offer a unique approach, ability to develop successive levels of insight, analyses and action plans needed to enhance operational effectiveness:

Phase One: Business Framework

We deliver a business framework to assess operational performance using predictive models that leverage revenue, expenditure, profit and employee data by line of business, region and business period – 2008 to 2015. The framework measures value and effectiveness of practices, capabilities and workforce skills – ; and “quantifies” potential to optimize and transition operations.

Phase Two: Diagnostic Assessment

We perform a diagnostic assessment (like a Health “Check-Up” – Pulse Survey) to identify abnormalities, bottlenecks, redundancies and inefficiencies that impact operational performance. We integrate this insight with output from the business framework to develop a step-change strategy, roadmaps and successive action plans to guide business transformation.

Phase Three: Action Plan & Schedule

We interview “champions” and define requirements to execute action plans (based on 30-45 day work efforts). If required, we assemble “A Teams” of subject matter experts and interns who are proficient in step-change engagements. We use performance scorecards to measure quality of efforts and to identify need to instill changes in focus and efforts to meet objectives.

Business Optimization Solutions


We deliver Phase One for “Free”!! Why? Insight we deliver is so compelling, we know need to learn how to maximize business potential becomes a matter of fiduciary responsibility. Our solution enables organizations to transform operations and make huge step-change improvements that would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible to achieve. At minimum, businesses can expect to achieve 10X to 20X gains in performance while creating new opportunity to grow business revenue and profits. The objective is to deliver the ongoing insight businesses need to enhance the bottom-line and ultimately maximize business potential.

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