Value Proposition

To meet needs of a changing world, business must constantly identify new ways to deliver value to customers.  Outdated legacy systems, ability to leverage big data and mobile applications combined with workforce inefficiencies and changing customer demands create huge problems for organizations who are not prepared to change thinking.  Ability to evolve culture and evangelize use of new capabilities is often dependent on addressing “what’s-in-it-for-me” concerns.  It is extremely difficult to transform quality of operations without the proper insight, know-how and resources.  Knowing what needs to get done, where to focus efforts, how to leverage resources and when to act without degrading moral or increasing source of risk is vital.  Success is dependent on ability to develop strategy, solution roadmaps and action plans designed to deliver the best results. For examples of work we’ve done in the past please visit

Our value proposition is simple – create opportunity to deliver solutions business needs to maximize operating performance.  What makes us unique is our approach – we turn historic econometric data and activity-based performance metrics into lean analytics and predictive insight to guide business transformation.  We leverage decades of research and experience working with early adopters of strategic capabilities and a powerful business optimization platform to define and prioritize needs, assess opportunities and quantify cost savings, productivity gains and potential value creation based on achieving the best outcomes. If you would like to know more you should refer to foodlets.

Inerge Business Platform

Find out what is possible for your organization – we are teams of strategic thinkers, subject matter experts, enterprise champions, early adopters of mobile applications and cloud resources, solution interns and crowdfunding specialists who have an invested interest in helping business succeed. Learn how to reduce waste from failed efforts and what it means to “quantify” potential based on your organization own unique DNA before engaging valuable resources. Consider how opportunity to increase source of revenues and profits impacts operations while reducing source of risk and waste.  Opportunities are limitless when you have the insight and know-how to change thinking.  Collectively, we create opportunity to bridge problems one-step-at-a-time by ensuring the right people are in the right jobs with the right capabilities and resources.